Corporate Social Responsibility For The Management Essay

Corporate Social Responsibility For The Management Essay

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Enterprises lay high emphasis on corporate social responsibility instead of being profitable tools. It is essential for all the enterprises to focus on corporate social responsibility which can help the organization creates long-term sustainability for corporate success. More specifically, corporate social responsibility can be referred as a process which is aim to embrace responsibility for the organization’s actions. Moreover, it can have a benefit to the people who are regarded as stakeholders, like employees, consumers and communities, which is based on its activities. Also, Tai (2014) states that corporate social responsibility is considered as corporate citizenship which tends to be an obligation that can protect, foster, and enhance the benefit of stakeholders and social people. This report will focus on the importance of the corporate social responsibility to the management accountants.

Corporate social responsibility is a broad term and issue, for example, Singapore supermarkets never sell shark fin products, and Eiffel Tower only uses Green Carbon. In contrast, some Korean luxury goods companies do not focus on social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility can be influenced be plenty of reasons. In Chen’s research (2011), there are four components, including accountability, transparency, competitiveness, and responsibility. Furthermore, when an organization pays much attention to improving business strategies, the priority of an organization will be more accountable and transparent in order to strengthen their competitiveness and generate responsibility. Therefore, it could turn to corporate social responsibility. Then, an organization will be more reputable due to the corporate social responsibility activitie...

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Sustainable development and poverty reduction. Therefore, a management accountant is required to integrate the environment into national accounts. Recently, International Integrated Reporting Committee indicates that Integrated Reporting Model is one of the main method to report financial, social, and environmental costs. KPMG highlights that this model prefers to combining and consolidating accounting information into one cohesive report, rather than adding more data to an already extensive reporting process. Then this report accounts for the organization’s ability to create and sustain value. Corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly essential for all organizations in this society. A management accountant plays an important role in corporate social responsibility, as it can help an organization to operate more efficiently.

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