Corporate Social Responsibility ( Csr ) Initiative For Environmental Stewardship And Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility ( Csr ) Initiative For Environmental Stewardship And Sustainability

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Social responsibility requires managers to make decisions that positively influence the well-being of, not only their stakeholders, but the community as well (Jones, George, & Haddad, 2016, p. 111). Tentree has taken a proactive approach to the implementation of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. A proactive approach is demonstrated by a company’s eagerness to do more than the law requires for social responsibility (Jones, et al., 2016, p. 113). The basic social responsibility for a business is to use resources to increase profits without deception or fraud (Jones, et al., 2016, p. 112). Tentree goes beyond this basic social responsibility by being committed to environmental stewardship, sustainability and social responsibility (TendersInfo News, 2016, para. 1). They are committed to being both environmentally and socially responsible (tentree, n.d., para. 1).
Tentree’s CSR initiative for environmental stewardship and sustainability is accomplished by planting 10 trees for every item purchased (TenderInfo News, 2016, para. 1). In addition, they have also implemented “pioneer” planting (tentree, n.d., para. 1). This often involves planting more than 10 trees per item, in deforested areas, to ensure that at least 10 trees survive the planting process (Weber & Hui, 2015, p. 46). Tentree has also partnered with non-profit organizations such as the Canadian Wildlife Federation, WeForest, American Forests, Eden Reforestation, Trees for the Future, and more (tentree, n.d., para. 15). These companies ensure the survival of the newly planted trees, as well as provide education on sustainable practices in areas of need (tentree, n.d., para. 17-18). Furthermore, they have adopted an environmentally friendly shipping pro...

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...n.d.,a). By the closing of 2020, NIKE hopes to have no waste from contracted footwear manufacturing sent to landfills. And if any waste is produced from NIKE shoes, it will fuel “a future closed-loop model” (NIKE, n.d.,a) where product waste becomes product input.
The pursuit of CSR initiatives however, are hardly ever direct as there can be many different factors at play that infringe upon absolute succession of implementation. For example, NIKE could be faced with technological efficiency and or existence problems when it comes to their initiative regarding zero waste footwear products. Another factor which is always at play is from the economical standpoint, that being simply, do they have the resources? Do they have the finances? These factors would be something any organization would have to consider before finally going into motion with applying CSR initiatives.

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