Corporate Social Responsibility : Business Practices And Corporate Contributions

Corporate Social Responsibility : Business Practices And Corporate Contributions

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Corporate social responsibility is a term used by business which tells us that business has a responsibility with great percentage of interest in which business is integrated social and environmental concerns in routine operations which includes stakeholders for instance employee, suppliers, customers or communities. It is said that CSR is commitment to improve the society by the business practices and corporate contributions (Lee, 2005). CSR in simple words can be described as where businesses help or show sign of interest in helping stakeholders fairly with their lives and trade. Some have saying that responsible business is business which take interest in stakeholder’s life by helping them because it comes under the law. (McWilliams & Siegel, 2000).
There are many advantages of CSR; firstly it has great impact on a financial position of the company because when help communities people show the sign of trust towards the company which increase sales (Bhardwaj, 2011). Secondly what I think it is the best kind of advertisement. For instance a small business like bakery helps homeless and hungry people to make a world a better place automatically people will attract to that business because it took social corporate responsibility very seriously. So by helping business got two kinds of advantages first of all fulfilling the CSR secondly free advertisement. Thirdly it also promotes or motivates the internal and external stakeholders (barney, 1991).CSR can also gather public sympathy if they are helping children or students in the educational sector
Irresponsible acts of the company also have great impact on the image of the companies because people think if they are not good enough with CSR how can they be supportive or good with stak...

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...should be trained (Tullberg, 1996) secondly CSR representation should be truly and fairly done in the end government should also contribute or should have a important role in managing or administrating CSR last but not the least it should be make sure every business or corporation is participating in CSR because it will make the competition tough so every business will try to do better in everyday life.
In conclusion I would say every corporation should support truly CSR and should contribute to society to make the world friendly world removing the drawbacks of the different culture and make a society that have good relationship with business as well as the society this philosophy will lead to paramount peaks if everyone contributes in the society without thinking of its personal wants. One should be ethical in every aspect to enjoy the freedom healthy way of living

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