Corporate Social Responsibility at Bread Talk Essay

Corporate Social Responsibility at Bread Talk Essay

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This research paper will discuss the basis of the open system, Corporate Social Responsibility practiced by BreadTalk, understanding of cultural differences and steps that could be taken to promote cross cultural awareness.

Founded in 2000, BreadTalk have grown to become one of the top local brands and operates more than 330 bakery outlets, 31 food courts and 13 restaurants across Singapore, Asia and Middle East.
BreadTalk have been consistently advocating the open systems loop efficiently, which allowed them to constantly create new products at least twice a year and maintaining their edge. This research paper will show an example of the open system in the continuous flow chart as shown below.

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, refers to an organisation’s sense of obligation and responsibility towards their various stakeholders and environment in which the organisation operates. It is considered to be multi-dimensional as its initiatives vary from voluntary partnerships to mitigate environmental impacts, production methods through practicing sustainable business practices such as waste and pollution reduction and promoting stakeholder engagement through conducting social and educational programs (Turker, Duygu. 2009). It can also be used as a strategy to create reputation and brand recognition.

As a fast developing organization, BreadTalk have been active in conducting CSR programmes. In 2008, BreadTalk introduced the use of biodegradable and environmentally-friendly packaging for all their products, promoting sustainability practices. BreadTalk also played a part in relief efforts for the Sichuan Earthquake on 12th May 2008. They created ‘Peace Panda’ bun to be sold in their stores. The funds raised f...

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