Corporate Responsibility For Project Employment Gaps At The Store Level Essay

Corporate Responsibility For Project Employment Gaps At The Store Level Essay

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Currently, the Manager of Operations and Human Resources in each store is in charge of planning, recruiting, and initial screening (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012). The owners of Tanglewood want to establish a central planning body in staffing to sustain efficiency while preserving the unique qualities of the organization (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012). Corporate responsibility to project employment gaps for each store would be an overwhelming task. This responsibility will fall on the Assistant Store Manager for Operations and HR at the store level. Using Markov Analysis, the manager can predict future employment gaps by using historical data (Heneman III et al., 2012). Pairing the statistics from corporate with the Markov Analysis will give the manager tools to begin a recruiting plan. Table 1 is an example of a Markov Analysis for the Tanglewood stores in Washington.
In addition to internal staffing needs, the manager has to evaluate the economic conditions to determine if there is a shortage or surplus of employees with the desirable knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAO) (Heneman III et al., 2012). The results will help decide which rewards to offer while recruiting.
The Markov Analysis in Table 1 reports a significant requirement for store associates and shift leaders. The first plan to fill the gaps is to promote responsible, qualified store associates into the shift leader positions. Although Tanglewood has internal recruiting capabilities, the HR consultant recommends supplementing hiring responsibilities with a staffing agency specializing in retail employees for the remaining shift leaders and store associates positions. Using the alternative staffing approach can quickly put bodies in open...

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...s will identify trouble areas in different job segments and provide HR the potential to improve the process. The store’s HR staff will complete the exit interviews with questions corporate develops. The staff will have the leisure of expanding on the questions, but they must ask the base questions and provide the responses to corporate for analysis.
The design is not always about how it looks or feels, but also how it works (Walker, 2003). By using the staffing organizations model, the HR consultant developed a staffing plan for Tanglewood that will take the organization from a decentralized structure to a centralized structure. The new design will reconnect the quality of staff to Tanglewood’s mission. The centralization will provide a corporate oversight that will allow the organization to make changes easily among the stores using data analysis.

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