Corporate Responsibility And The Environment Essay

Corporate Responsibility And The Environment Essay

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A firm that I believe to be ethical is Subaru of America, the car manufacturer whose commercials convey the use of a zero landfill initiative. Under this program, all of the waste from their manufacturing plants is either recycled or otherwise reused in some form or another. The have gone on to implement many other programs to demonstrate their commitment to corporate responsibility and the environment.
At the other end of this perspective, I feel that Toyota, another car manufacturer, is unethical in the scandal involving incidents of sudden acceleration without warning. Not only did the FBI investigation conclude that Toyota knew of the problem, but that they delayed recalling the vehicles and assured customers that their cars were safe. Toyota was fined a massive $1.2 billion (Ross, Rhee, Hill, Chruchman, & Katersky, 2014), but avoided prosecution for covering up the problem.
These opinions are based on information that I read or viewed on new sources, or in discussions with friends and colleagues. At the time, I did not do any research to corroborate this information, but in my research for this paper I found some extremely interesting facts and opinions.
Evaluating whether a firm is “one of the good guys” can be a very tedious task indeed. There is so much misinformation available on the internet that it can be difficult to evaluate the criteria for its accuracy or usefulness. News headlines tend to sensationalize the bad guys, but rarely focus attention on the good and ethical policies that companies implement. Further, when I hear a news report or other commentary regarding a company and their actions, I never perform any research to determine the accuracy of the material. Most of my opinions are based on the reputa...

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...g information from such websites as the Ethisphere Institute. According to their website, this organization’s program
honors companies that excel in three areas – promoting ethical business standards and practices internally, enabling managers and employees to make good choices, and shaping future industry standards by introducing tomorrow’s best practices today. (Ethisphere Institute, 2016)
While it is an honorable recognition to be listed as one of the most ethical companies on this organization’s website, the scoring criteria itself is very subjective. First, a company has to be willing to pay the fee to the Ethisphere Institute in order to receive consideration. Then, it issues a series of multiple choice questions to the company, and based on the company’s own responses it achieves a ranking. So even this type of evaluation is at least somewhat subjective.

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