Corporate Crime And Corporate Criminal Law Essay

Corporate Crime And Corporate Criminal Law Essay

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It is illogic to rely on individual 's responsibility of employees, or internal rules of companies, in order to govern corporate. Moreover a law that companies be held accountable for their actions has become inadequate. As a consequence, a new strong legislation is required. Goldson S. (2015) point out that transparency and judgment of corporate has grown significantly in the last decade by promoting of new legislation that adequate with international criteria. Therefore, this may be considered as the best accomplishments, whereas more actions now are needed again. The primary objective of personal liability is to deter or dissuade individuals from committing crimes that benefit them at the expense of society. Personal criminal liability realises this objective by penalising individual wrongdoers. The criminal justice system imposes sanctions (costs) that are equal in weight as the social cost of their misconducts. The first reason for strengthening corporate criminal law is to deter companies and their employees from committing crimes (panda 2011). Corporate criminal laws help in deterring crime. Corporate crimes occur when employees of the company commit wrongdoings when acting in their official capacities. Individuals can commit corporate crimes intentionally or unintentionally when acting in their professional capacity. Intentional commission of a crime occurs when the employee engages in illegal criminal activities knowingly. Therefore a reinforcement of corporate criminal law is necessary.

On the other hand, undeliberate commission of a crime results when an employee representing the company engages in a legal activity that may cause a criminalized negative outcome. According to Arlen (2011), corporate criminal Law helps i...

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...nies dump wastes responsibly. Waste management organizations and the government charge companies for irresponsibly dumping wastes. A company official who dumps wastes irresponsibly without being caught by these environmental organizations or the government will be doing so to benefit the company. The company will be benefiting from the employee 's act because it will pay less amount in waste disposal charges. In such a situation, the government will rely on corporate criminal laws to ensure the company and its employee act responsibly next time. The government needs to strengthen corporate criminal law to ensure that such a company does not benefit by acting unlawfully. The government can achieve this by ensuring that the company pays for irresponsibly dumping the waste and an additional fine to ensure that the company does not engage in similar activities in future.

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