Corporate Branding Strategy Of The Rosewood Brand Name On Customers ' Awareness

Corporate Branding Strategy Of The Rosewood Brand Name On Customers ' Awareness

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If the company chooses to carry out corporate branding strategy, the most immediate step to take is negotiating with individual co-op owners. This process takes time and costs money, and the co-op owners may propose objections due to conflict of interest. The next step involves a complete revolution of hotel styles, services and amenities. For example, the company will need to design new towels and blankets to print the Rosewood brand name on them. Individual hotels may also need to renovate their frontages to include the Rosewood logo. The following step is changing the company’s advertising strategy, reintroducing the Rosewood brand name, and establishing a positive brand image in customers’ awareness. Specifically, the company will need to modify their existing marketing communication tools such as newspaper advertisements and billboard advertisements, for the purpose of educating customers and increasing their acceptance for the new brand name. Deletion of old advertising materials are also necessary to prevent customers’ confusion and to avoid leaving a mixed impression on consumers. In general, witching to corporate branding will be a gradual process which will possibly bring about both positive and negative impacts.
Core Competencies
The most significant strength of Rosewood is their uniqueness of each property. Since the properties were built under individual branding to represent the “Sense of Place” philosophy, they are each luxuries, enjoyable and elegant with various location-specific characteristics. Unlike the companies which have always followed corporate branding and have the same style of interior designs, Rosewood will likely to be perceived as more fun and exciting. This uniqueness will also help establish bra...

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... from becoming a returning customer, because each hotel is still uniquely designed and he may still be interested in trying other locations.
Hypothetically, adopting corporate branding is expected to increase both brand awareness and customer loyalty. According to Exhibit 8, average number of visits per year per guest will increase from 1.2 to 1.3, two years after the plan is implemented. The increase in customer loyalty will consist of two aspects: increased returning visits and increased cross-property visits. Cross-property visits are correlated to brand awareness in the sense that as brand awareness increases, cross-property visits will increase correspondingly. Since low brand awareness was once a barrier that prevented customers from revisiting, the removal of this barrier will encourage customers to explore different hotel locations of Rosewoods.

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