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Every parent(s) encountered an experience where their child becomes ruthless and act in a disorderly way. There are times when the child acts that way to gain attention from their parent(s) or because they “feel” like it and wants to be in control. For instance, let’s say you, who are the parent, decide to go to Wal-Mart with your child. While you are in Wal-Mart, your child comes across a toy that he/she wants badly. You already know you will not have enough money to buy the toy so you find a way to explain it in a way he/she will understand. You also make a promise to your child that you will buy it another time so they will not cry. All a sudden, your child becomes the “angel” from hell and begins to cry, scream, and grabbed other toys off the shelf to throw it on the floor and make a mess. Other customers begin to stare at you and start shaking their heads. You try your best to calm your child but he/she will not stop crying until he/she gets their way. STOP!! This is where the scenario ends. What would you, as the parent, do in this situation? Would you spoiled your child and buy them that toy after he/she completely embarrassed you and became disruptive? Or would you spank your child in the backside to show them who is in control and do not buy the toy? The main question here is: to spank or not to spank?
This leads to an editorial written by Miami Herald columnist, Leonard Pitts Jr. who is the author of “Spare the Rods, Spoil the Parenting.” In this essay, Pitts uses rhetorical tactics in his article to present his views on corporal punishment. The genre of this editorial is an op-ed (opinionated-editorial) piece. Pitts persuasively try to convince his audience, who are parents, to understand that disciplining a child i...

... middle of paper ...

...a personal anecdote to appeal more to his audience because it is simple to tell that he was passionate about this topic. The only downfall in the author’s essay is, he did not include much about pathos into his writing. This essay was more of an ethical and logical review and far less emotional. Even though his editorial is opinion based, his essay was effective because it was supported by Dr. Baumrind’s studied, which explores his logical proof to his readers. Also, Pitt’s personal touch adds interest in his writing. He wants to make sure his audience agrees and understand his argument and position of corporal punishments.

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