Cornell Medical Research Programs Essay

Cornell Medical Research Programs Essay

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While in high school, I watched a Biomedical lecture from Cornell University and recalled the professor saying that; “most people of today experience a greater life expectancy than that of people who lived during the 1800s and prior. I was astonished by this information and at that point came to grips with the magnitude of medical research and its pivotal contribution to helping us living longer and healthier. The professor then mentioned that most of the malicious diseases of that time are presently completely eradicated or curable. He also inferred that this progression in research and medicine is inevitable in nature and that we will continue to encounter new medical challenges and ultimately will overcome them through research or accidents. However, we are now experiencing one of the greatest medical challenges mankind have ever known, the cancer and HIV/AIDS epidemic, which has devastates the livelihood of many families all across this world. The continued proliferation and desolation created by both these diseases have made me for a long time very pessimistic about any possible...

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