Core Values Of A Group Leader Essay

Core Values Of A Group Leader Essay

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This journal entry will discuss and provide examples of core values of a group leader and core knowledge of a group leader. In addition, the references that were used for this assignment include information from Chapter 3 in the textbook and the transcript and video tools provided for completing this assignment. Furthermore, the examples I provided may not necessarily fit exactly, however, to some degree they do and do not. However, I tried to find some examples that represent who I am and I believe that when reflecting upon these examples they do show a great reflection of many things that do fit.

1.3 Journal Core Values and Knowledge of the Group Leader
Use the Journal tool to provide at least three examples of times or situations when you have demonstrated the NASW core values as a group leader. If you haven’t yet facilitated or led a group, then discuss how you would demonstrate the core values as a group leader.
Example 1:
As a group leader working with others in a CNA training course, I believe that what was going on in this nursing home was beyond unethical behavior and because of the issues I did speak up. After completing the class work, we were students that started working in the nursing home at first everything was going fine, however, within a very short time things were going badly because of the way we were getting treated as CNA’s trainees and the way the RN’s and others responsible on the floor were not doing their jobs.
The particular incident that happened was the RN and other higher ups took their break, however, there was a code called for a patient and no one was available to help the patient. As a CNA student, I was not yet certified and I was not qualified as a LPN or an RN to help someone i...

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...r in many ways.
From just writing this journal entry it surprises me how much knowledge I already have and the understanding of the core values have been shown and demonstrated. However, I think it also represents wisdom and life experiences that have occurred during my lifetime and I find as an older adult learner that writing about these things brings a deeper understanding and clarification to many experiences that have been missed or went unnoticed.

SWK-356 1.3 Practice Activity I Transcript (2016). Core Values and Knowledge of the Group Leader. Retrieved from
Zastrow, Charles H. (2015). Social Work with Groups: A Comprehensive Worktext (9th ed.). Stamford, CT: Delmar Cengage Learning.

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