Core Values And / Or Ideals You Currently Have That Will Make You A Good Director

Core Values And / Or Ideals You Currently Have That Will Make You A Good Director

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Please note that some of my thoughts and opinions might not be very popular. They are not made from a strictly personal standpoint, but are arrived at after much research and observation.
1. Identify three core values and/or ideals you currently have that will make you a good director.
Appreciate childhood as a unique and valuable stage in the human life cycle. Being a kid is about being curious, about the world around you. It is about running around barefoot in the summer with a magnifying glass looking at bugs. It is about jumping off the swing even though you have been told repeatedly not to. Yes, you may get hurt, but its childhood and it is a learning experience. I believe that is one value I already possess. Letting kids learn in a controlled environment. I have an 18mo who does things most parents would have a heart attack over. She has chipped a tooth and given herself a black eye from falling. This is after both her father and I have told her not to do something. Kids need that. How else do they learn to ride a two-wheel bike?
Base our work on knowledge of how children lear...

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