The Core Qualities of Taylorism Essay

The Core Qualities of Taylorism Essay

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Taylorism refers to a systematic way of business decision making based on the on the qualitative research of data and testing. Frederick Winslow Taylor was the one who introduced scientific management, which reformed the production line entirely. No one can stop admiring his contribution regardless of whether he believed in Taylorism or not. Scientific management was extremely popular when it was introduced and is still popular even today. The core qualities of taylorism and the related criticisms, along with their applications in the today’s business world in the subsequent paragraphs.
Taylor introduced scientific management, which has formed the theory of management and examines work in order to improve productivity of labour. He proposed four assumptions in order to improve efficiency, which is based on the time motion study. First one is the introduction of division of labour. It means that production process is broken down into separate tasks and each worker must perform the task in which he is specialized. He had a firm belief that in order to maximize efficiency, division of labour can be the best option. It definitely increases efficiency as each and every worker is assigned a job according to his or her skills and then by doing that job again and again, the worker will eventually become an expert in that job. It also leads to increase in output as well as the quality also improves. Division of labour allows workers to save time as they stick to only one job. Last but not the least, it allows workers to invent new ways of doing things as a worker has to do the task again and again so he can easily find new and easier ways of doing the task. Unfortunately, while repetition of tasks may add to the expertise of the employees...

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...ematically by differentiating management functions from the work functions. Such stratification has been adopted by all modern businesses or industries and at all levels. However, Taylor’s claims are more concerned with the rewards in the form of money. According to Taylor, money appears to be the greatest motivating force for the employee, but in the present era where advancements in technology and psychological research on employee behavior are on the rise, suggest that other motivators that influence employee efficiency and productivity include social factors as well, such as loyalty, adaptive conditions, healthy working environment, appreciation, self-respect and time to time initiatives for the workers. It can be rightly said that Taylorism is mostly practiced in developing countries where cheap labour is available and is more concerned about monetary rewards.

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