The Core Principles Of Applied Behavior Analysis Essay

The Core Principles Of Applied Behavior Analysis Essay

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The core principles of Applied Behavior Analysis were seen in several of this weeks required readings, appearing in all or multiple sources. Their definitions varied in each reading, all providing more clarification upon the previous. The first term, applied, refers to the "commitment to affecting improvements" in the field. (Cooper 16) Baer, Wolf and Risley said that whether or not something is applied is determined "by the interest which society shows in the problems being studied." (Baer 92) Both sets of authors emphasize that importance of the practitioner taking ownership in dictating how important it is to change the designated behavior. Also, the importance the behavior holds in society, because many of them represent the clients basal needs for self care and human interaction. This may affect clinical or educational applications of the ABA practitioners if they are not dedicated to correcting a socially significant behavior, rather than just those of convenience.

The term behavioral is tricky to define. The most important bit of information is that you have to be specific about whose behavior has changed, the client or practitioners/observers, over time. Behavioral applied behavior analysis must be applied to a specific behavior and be precise, measurable, and reliable. One has to be very careful to insure their data is accurate to rule out any human error. In practice, it would be most important to maintain focus on the initial, significant behavior you were set out to change. Also, to make sure all date obtained on that behavior and how it changed over time is precise, measurable and free of human error. One would also want to maintain focus on their behaviors throughout the course of the experiment to meas...

... middle of paper ... study must produce behavior changes that reach clinical or social significance" (Cooper 18). As Applied Behavior Analyst, we seek to modify a behavior social significant behavior. Our effectiveness can only be measured how much the behavior we set out to modify is changed to a degree in which it makes a difference in the social situations the behavior occurs in. Baer said that this was not a scientific measurement, but a practical one: "its power in altering behavior enough to be socially important, is the essential criterion” (Cooper 17-18). The effectiveness of the research of an ABA effect both the clinical and educational applications of ABA because these cases are the bases of how ABA grows and changes. They are the way we learn and master our field. Even if modifications are later made to older experiments, without them we would not know where to start.

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