Core Competencies Need by Human Resource Specialist Essay

Core Competencies Need by Human Resource Specialist Essay

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Competencies of Human Resource Specialist for the Success of Globalization

The description of a Human Resource Specialist or Manager as it pertains to the success of an organization are those skilled areas which the representing manager would possess for company progression. Keebler states that, “alignment with business goals, nuanced understanding of Human Resource programs, and investment decisions that make achieving these objective a reality” (Keebler, 2013, pg. 17). Human Resource Managers and Specialist are educated better today than they were before with competencies of handling international transactions. As an advantage of free-trade and the open market, Human Resource Managers and Specialist are skilled in determining external or international factors which are beneficial and detrimental to an organization success. According to Gentry and Sparks, leadership competencies are, “resourcefulness, change management, building and mending relationships, and balancing personal life and work” (Gentry, and Sparks, 2012, pg.18). Henceforth, it is clear that there are similarities between Keebler argument of company objectivity, along with Gentry and Sparks, argument of company and knowledge.
Resourcefulness, because of the vast area which are occupied by local companies trading internationally, it is imperative that Human Resources Managers, and Human Resource Specialist allot their time to properly balance company resources. This include company employees or human capital, financial monitoring, and product resource. Gentry and Sparks also suggest that, “Human Resource Manager or Specialist adapt what limited resource they have for operation within a global market” (Gentry, and Sparks, 2012, pg. 18). These managers must also be...

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...vident is the fact that because of free-trade many Human Resource Managers and Specialist are trained to address these issues before they take occupancy in hiring organizations. However, with the ever changing world and the increased in technology the duties of Human Resource Manager or Specialist will be minimal in terms of stigmas.

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