Core Competencies Are Those Traits, Strengths, Weaknesses, And Weaknesses

Core Competencies Are Those Traits, Strengths, Weaknesses, And Weaknesses

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Core competencies are those traits, strengths, skills and attributes that employees need to possess in order to perform their jobs most effectively (smallbusiness.chron). The core competencies are expected to be demonstrated by the employee in order to carry out the mission and goals of the organization. These will be different based on the specific position within the organization. Employees will come with a certain set of core competencies and others can be learned and developed on the job. This may not applicable in all cases depending on the position.
When applying for a position it is important for the candidate to assess their core competency to ensure they are a fit for the position and organization. The candidate must be able to articulate their knowledge and skills as they apply to the position, so it is imperative they have a solid understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. In general, an organization measures a candidate based on three basic competencies; know-how, problem-solving, and accountability. Job knowledge is broken down even further into technical, managerial and human relations (Snell, Morris, & Bohlander 2015). Problem-solving and accountability also have additional components similar to the ones listed above. These competencies should be factored into one’s own competency assessment to ensure they are prepared for the position.
Identifying your own competencies is worth the effort and time to ensure strengths and competencies gaps are appropriately identified. When completing this exercise, the process should be divided into three categories; functional, personal and leadership ( This will assist with keeping the process organized a...

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...uccessful track record, I am confident that this learning objective will be fast tracked through additional exposure and education.
• Maintains a basic proficiency as it relates to various software tools. I strive to have a stronger knowledge base as it relates to software tools that could aid me in analytical analysis. By gaining this knowledge, I will add more value to the organization by being able to analyze metrics that can drive strategies that will contribute to the bottom line of the organization.
Overall, I am a well-rounded leader with strong functional, leadership and personal skills that will drive the vision of USA General Hospital. I possess a strong ability to encourage and challenge the thinking of others in a professional and constructive manner. I am an authentic, intuitive leader that is capable of building a strong team that is results driven.

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