Essay on Coral Reefs And The Dynamics Of Them

Essay on Coral Reefs And The Dynamics Of Them

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Dr. Riegl and Dr. Purkis complete this experiment related to coral reefs and the dynamics of them in a mass mortality event. In the Middle East where this experiment was done over the course of four years from 2009-2012, and took into account four different species and how they responded to these cataclysmic events. The event that took place in 2009 was a series of diseases that severely impacted the coral dynamics, while the next three years of the experiment, mass mortality was caused by bleaching and other diseases. The bleaching incidents seem to be caused by the continual rise of ocean temperatures, and since the corals are being subjected to these types of conditions, they are being exposed to other diseases since they are not healthy. When looking at the hypothesis, the methods, and the results they seem to be supported by the data but this is a biased study. Even though this study may be biased this can have lasting impacts on the environment in the future.
To start, Dr. Riegl and Dr. Purkis start off this paper with background of the experiment of what they did in this experiment out in the Persian Gulf and how this also occurring in the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean reefs as well and how this can be devastating. In the introduction of the paper they state their hypothesis which is that “rising global temperatures and alterations in nutrient dynamics are predicted to further increase the frequency of coral bleaching and mortality events that have already increased dramatically since 1980s” (Riegl and Purkis, 3996). When looking at this hypothesis, the experiment seems to be a continuation of previous experiments that have shown that rising temperatures and nutrients alterations have caused events like this in the past. Now...

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... in coral reef systems and their dynamics. They are also able to find how fertile and the coral cover over the course of this four year study through the use of the LTRE and the SsD. Even though this may not tell us the whole story of the coral reef systems, it gives us a good grasp on what we should do to fix it. This article also relates to issues in the world such as global climate change which is very crucial to our survival, which we close up the hole in the ozone and layer and stop the pollution of the oceans causing mass mortality in coral reefs. Without coral reefs we would lose large amounts of aquatic biodiversity and resources, which need to be protected. This study also it relevant to class material as we have learned about the delicate coral reef systems and their interdependence on one another through competition of resources and a stable environment.

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