Essay on Coral Reefs : A Study Conducted By Bernhard Riegl And Sam Purkis

Essay on Coral Reefs : A Study Conducted By Bernhard Riegl And Sam Purkis

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Coral Reefs. These amazing organisms play a huge role in the lives of millions of people, as well as on countless species of animals and plants, in more ways than one might imagine. They serve to protect coastlines from major storms, they provide shelter to countless species of fish and aquatic vegetation, and they help to bolster economies in areas surrounding them as tourist attractions. Is coral incredible? Yes. Is it invincible? No. A study conducted by Bernhard Riegl and Sam Purkis serves to demonstrate the fragility of these coral reefs, not only studied, but also, coral reefs around the world; as well as to call into question the actions of society and their effects on the environment. The study analyzes the effects that four back-to-back mass mortality events had on the population dynamics of 4 widespread species of coral; Acropora downingi, Porites harrisoni, Dipsastrea pallida, Cyphastrea micropthalma, respectively. As a whole, Riegl and Purkis’ study serves to bring to light the issue of changing coral dynamics as a result of climate change, to the scientific community.
Over the course of their research, Riegl and Purkis employed a variety of techniques to observe changes in coral populations over the course of the mass mortality events that took place within their population. These tests were conducted in the SE Arabian/Persian Gulf, in Ras Ghanada in Eastern Abu Dhabi, one of the warmest portions of ocean on the planet, and were specifically studying 5 species of coral . These measures consisted of devising 4 (initially 5, however, 4 and 5 were consolidated due to the rarity of portions of coral that reached a size large enough to be separate from those in group 4) different sizing groups to allow for more thorough a...

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... effort or decrease in luxury that is perceived to come from having a green thumb. These stigmas perpetuate a cycle that continues on, threatening the lives of countless species, as well as the long-term survivability of human beings on Earth.
The studies of Riegl and Purkis served to provide much more than simply a lot into the scientific deterioration of coral reefs. In addition to providing great insight into the things such as bleaching and other diseases that cause coral to die out, this research served to show some of the adverse effects of climate change on the environment. The data and tables serve as a model demonstrating the effects that climate change can have on our ecosystem by quantifying, then displaying the effects themselves, making it easier to understand why these phenomena occurs within coral populations and how it pertains to the world around us.

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