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Coral Reef Conservation Essay

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If there is a new product out in the market, people buy it and use it every day without knowing where it comes from or how it was made, but people “love it, couldn’t live without it”. Carelessly using it and re buying without conserving, but what if this product disappeared and there was nothing else like it. Suddenly everything becomes harder and seems to be more difficult. There is only one solution to solve the problem, make people aware of what has been done to this meaningful product in life. What happens when no one else cares? People are not worried about their actions affecting things outside of their daily routines until it goes missing or becomes unavailable. Under these conditions is what is affecting coral reefs today.
The careless acts of everyday people are endangering the lives of coral reefs; however; with proper conservation and awareness theses reefs can be saved. Located in warm shallow waters coral reefs can be found near the coasts of paradise. Although theses reefs are composed of mainly calcium carbonate skeletons of dead coral animals they create a protective exoskeleton which protects the thousands of species living within it (Coral, 2007). Reefs are filled with vibrant colors caused by a semiotic relationship between coral and algae called Zooxanthella. This relationship gives coral its color and assists in nutrient production. The coral in return provides the algae with an environment to live within and supplies a steady amount of carbon dioxide for the Zooxanthella’s photosynthetic process. (Buchheim, 1998- 2013). These reefs have the most biodiversity habitats in marine life, home to twenty five percent of marine animals (Earthjustice, 2014).
“The world’s corals and coral reef ecosystems are in cris...

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