Coqui Frogs in the Big Island Essay

Coqui Frogs in the Big Island Essay

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Ko-kee, ko-kee... are the mating calls of invasive Coqui frogs who have invaded a majority of the Big Island. These Coqui frogs, also known as Eleutherodactylus coqui are native in Puerto Rico and these small frogs are considered their national animal (Singer et al). Coqui frogs were accidentally introduced to Hawaii during a shipment of plants from Puerto Rico to Hawaii in the late 1980's. Coqui frogs are about 2 inches in length and are usually light brown or gray with a stripe down their back. Over the past two decades E. coqui have spread to the four main Hawaiian Islands and other places such as the Caribbean, Florida, and Louisiana (Singer et al). As of today, the Coquis intensive mating calls can be heard throughout every part of the Big Island during the night. While the Puerto Ricans love the sound of the Coquis, many locals in Hawaii dislike them due to the environmental and economic damages they are creating. Coqui frogs are detriment to Hawaii because they are a serious threat to the native insect population, compete for food with Hawaii's native bird population, and cost residents and businesses millions of dollars each year (McAvoy).
Coqui frogs are harming Hawaii's environment as they begin to reproduce faster than ever. Female coquis can deposit up to 28 eggs every eight weeks (Singer et al). The environment is not able to work efficiently when these little creatures are constantly reproducing. Coqui frogs are a serious threat to native insect population because they are consuming and removing insects from forest floor to treetops (Van Valkenburg). Insects have always been the major food source for birds and with coquis around, they have to compete and search for food. When Coqui frogs feed off of mites, ant...

... middle of paper ... from the coqui frogs are a serious problem, but we need to accept the fact that coqui frogs will never leave our Hawaiian islands the way it used to be.

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