Essay on Copyright Laws Of Argentina- ( Liz Marroquin )

Essay on Copyright Laws Of Argentina- ( Liz Marroquin )

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Copyright Laws of Argentina-(Liz Marroquin)

Argentina 's first copyright law was created all the way back in 1933. Today section 2 of this law gives copyright owners almost complete control over there work. After 70 years copyrighted work falls into public domain and Argentina is one of the few countries left to enforce a tax to users who wish to use works in public domain. The tax is a pretty big issue there and and back in 2012 the government tried to pass a bill where public libraries, archives, and museums would be exempt from the tax but were sadly met with strong opposition from collecting agencies and was not passed. They also have no fair use laws currently. Record labels there have always been allowed to be in charge of their own retailing and distribution of music. Since the explosion of the internet, however, illegal downloading has gone through the roof with 90% of Argentina 's online music transfers illegal.

Argentina 's copyright and the U.S

In 1995 Argentina joined the World Trade Organization. Between 1999 and 2002 the United States and Argentina had many consultations to discuss the inconsistencies of the Argentine patent law and the U.S 's TRIPS. They eventually came to a mutual agreement and the government of Argentina incorporated new rules to article 83 of the Argentine patent law so that it was similar to the U.S 's article 50 of TRIPS.

Copyright Laws of Canada - (George Koelsch)

The copyright laws of Canada are almost the same as the copyright laws of the United States of America. There are a few minor differences between the two countries; one of the differences between the two countries is the time limit on how long a copyright lasts. The time limit for Canada for copyright is lifetime...

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...Lectures, speeches, and press works
Musical, stage, photographic, and cinematographic works
Plastic art works and applied art works
Sketches, plans, maps and architectural works
Computer programs and data collections
In 1997, the US and Vietnam entered into a bilateral agreement regarding protection of copyrights. In short, the agreement gives parties in both countries a means to defend their copyrights within either country. The agreement specifically proscribes that the State must defend the copyright using its own laws. Vietnam is also a signatory to the Berne Convention -- which proposes that a copyright exists once the work is finished, as opposed to a copyright requiring registration. Signatories of the Berne Convention must treat copyrighted works of the other members of the Berne Convention with at least as much fairness as they do to their own citizens.

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