Copyright Laws Are A Form Of Governance Essay

Copyright Laws Are A Form Of Governance Essay

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Copyright laws are a form of governance designed to protect the intellectual property of authors, inventors, and other individuals creating innovations or inventions. Intellectual property consists of published and unpublished books, manuscripts, paintings, music works, sound recordings, movies, choreographic works, architectural works, sculptures, and even pantomime works among others (Copyright Works, 2012). The World Intellectual Property Organization states that: "Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce" (What is Intellectual, n.d.). Basically, anything that didn 't exist before (subject to a set of guidelines) can be considered IP and copy written through the United States Copyright Office.

The importance of copyright laws is paramount in today 's business world. So much in fact that the founding fathers of the United States included them in the US constitution to promote science and art by giving the creators or authors exclusive rights to use them (Copyright Overview, 2009). In essence, if you created it, you and you alone have the ability to profit from and distribute your work, provided you followed the proper copyright process through the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. Without these important laws, there would be less incentive for others to create new helpful products, services, and ideas. Furthermore, these laws give copyright owners a legal process to address grievances to the Federal Court when someone infringes on their copy written material. The importance of copyright law also emerges when thinking of the financial damage that can be done to companies and their principles wh...

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