Essay about Copyright Laws And Intellectual Property

Essay about Copyright Laws And Intellectual Property

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Copyright, Piracy, Intellectual Property and Professional Code of Ethics 2
Copyright, piracy, intellectual property and professional codes of ethics are critical subjects for computer and business professionals. This paper will first explain copyright laws and intellectual property. Second, an explanation concerning piracy will be submitted. Finally, a description of my own professional code of ethics will be presented.
Copyright Laws and Intellectual Property
Copyright laws help protect intellectual property. Intellectual Property represent concepts, plans and discoveries that are produced in the mind (World Intellectual Property Organization. N.d.). This may come in the form of “music, film, books, computers, software symbols, names and pictures.” (World Intellectual Property Organization. N.d.). Intellectual property covers a huge amount of information. The public is interested in the things that people make. The people who create such things as “patents, copyrights and trademarks” (World Intellectual Property Organization. N.d.) should be able to benefit and make money from the things that they created.
Patents are designed to protect something that someone has created. The individual may have found a solution to a problem or a new way of doing something. They complete a patent application and put down the things you have discovered so that they can get the invention officially protected by law. No one should get access to what has been created without permission. (World Intellectual Property Organization. N.d.). This would be against the law. Legal protection allows creativity to expand. The public can therefore benefit from the different work that people design. (World Intellectual Property Organization. N.d.).


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...ipation in negative deeds (Gaumnitz and Lere, 2002).
I will not do anything to destroy public trust. (Gaumnitz and Lere, 2002).
I will shun every attempt to use a writer’s words or ideas without giving proper credit.
I will not duplicate any intellectual property without proper permission and authorization.
I will avoid theft of any intellectual property (US Copyright Office, 2012).
I will refrain from interference with proper enforcement and intervention of negative behaviors in my business environment (Gaumnitz and Lere, 2002).
Copyright, Piracy, Intellectual Property and Professional Code of Ethics 7

Business excellence requires meticulous consideration of right and wrong behavior relative to copyright, intellectual property, and piracy. Each company should carefully craft professional codes of conducts that will guard and protect all areas of the enterprise.

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