Copy Protection of Fashion Design is a Futile Exercise Essay

Copy Protection of Fashion Design is a Futile Exercise Essay

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Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry that thrives on the capability of people to continuously evolve from one fashion design to another as these clothes images are presented by various fashion houses then improved upon or stylized by other smaller, lesser known fashion makers. It is through this practice of taking the design of one and re-imagining it that the fashion industry in America manages to thrive and exist even during times of depression. People after all need clothes that look good and fashionable in one way or another in order to feel good about themselves.
It is because we allow smaller fashion houses to thrive on the basis of free enterprise and competition that fashion has not become an overpriced, elitist representation of modern civilization that can only be afforded by a few. That is the exact description of what happens to the fashion industry of a country such as France, once the copyrighting of fashion designs become legal. What is that you say? America is the land of free enterprise and equal opportunity for all? You may have to rethink that stand as it applies to our world of fashion in the near future. That is because the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) found a champion for the cause they are advocating through Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and his Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act (IDPPA).
Imagine that, a Democrat senator from the fashion capital of our country is trying to throttle our very own fashion industry on the say so of a small group of fashion designers who, led by Diane von Furstenberg, do not understand nor realize that the law they are trying to pass in these modern times of fast changing business ideas and evolving trends was already thrown out ...

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