Coping With The Aging Body Essay

Coping With The Aging Body Essay

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Human bodies are not well built, powerful, or immortal, in fact, they are set up for failure. Biological, cognitive, and pathological forces knock on the door of survival every day intensifying its power of evil. At first, these changes are welcomed as one matures, grows stronger, and gets smarter, but it is an illusion of what is in store. These transformations slowly rob a person of who they were and what they were able to accomplish. People in all types of societies try to stave off the progression of growing old by any means necessary, but eventually; the bodies, minds and souls cave.
The fundamentals of biological aging are determined not by calendar years, but by what physical structures of the physique have become altered, and these variations of our former selves; good and or bad, have been happening from the moment of conception and continues until death. Physical adjustments are noticeable and undeniable as they are the first signs of aging that one can observe without medical training, are common, expected, and normal. As a whole, elderly people will experience thinning and wrinkling skin, graying hair; loss of teeth, vision and hearing impairments, taste and smell might become altered, and their height might no longer be where it once was. (Toussier) Not every senior will encounter every aspect of growing old, but the probability and likelihood of encountering at least one change, is a sure shot. These changes are naturally genetic and in no way reduces a person’s ability to live a productive, creative, and fulfilling existence, but can create “difficulties for the elderly to handle their daily life if they live alone and experience medical ...

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