Essay on Coping Mechanisms for Grief

Essay on Coping Mechanisms for Grief

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The pressure from grieving can be extremely harmful to recovering grievers but there are some things that can lighten the load of emotions for those people. Specifically for terminally ill people, seeing a light at the end of the tunnel can relieve emotional distress, meaning they discover a new view of death as a new life for people with religious values. Religion is a tool that can be utilized greatly to assist the patient. The age of someone grieving is a bit of a controversial topic, in the sense that some people say that age is not a factor that affects a person’s recovery. Although, there are people who say that age is a component of recovery due to brain development of young children. Lastly, therapy leads to a healthy recovery, whether it is a therapist or is a person or they trust and can help, patients are often encouraged to participate in some form of therapy to release the mind from constant pressures. A grieving person’s religion, age, and therapy can have an extreme contribution to the way they reconcile, as shown in John Green’s novel, The Fault in Our Stars.
Religion can be a tremendous influence in the healing process of a grieving person due to different beliefs about death, causing an alteration in the mindset of the healing individual. It has a strong impact on the lives of affected individuals because believing in a God or in gods leads to a conclusion that everyone goes somewhere after death, whether that be heaven, hell, or some sort of reincarnation. According to an article found on Gale Power Search, “People who have a strong religious faith are often comforted by the idea that a higher power is present in their lives. This faith can help them cope with their loss and suffering. If people believe in l...

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... way they grew up.

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