Coping : Coping Mechanism Of Tfios Essay

Coping : Coping Mechanism Of Tfios Essay

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Teddy Miqui
Psych 242
Coping Mechanism of TFIOS

Often when people become stressed from either their personal or inter personal problems, they will try to cope with the issue at hand. Trying to cope with an issue usually means that one will change an aspect of their life to deal with a perceived stressor. Sometimes theses stressors can easily be dealt, but very often this is not the case. In everyday life things aren’t always in our control and the outcomes of certain situations can seem inevitable. When one tries to cope with this specific type of problem they are using emotion focused coping (Lec 10, Oct 8, 2015). When one tries emotion focused coping they are basically trying to distract themselves from the current issue at hand.
Within emotional coping there are many sub categories that people may utilize to deal with their issues. Some of the techniques can prove to be useful to one’s health such as positive framing, while others one can harmful such as distraction. This is why emotion focused coping can be seen as more harm than good. When one tries to mask one issue with an...

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