Coordinating The Local Public Health Systems Assessment Essay

Coordinating The Local Public Health Systems Assessment Essay

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Coordinating the Local Public Health Systems Assessment (LPHSA) in San Joaquin County Public Health Services (SJCPHS)
SJCPHS hosted external stakeholders to evaluate the strength of the public health systems as a step towards accreditation. Many different organizations contribute to the community’s health by providing essential services. I compiled a list of contacts to invite. During the actual evaluation, I assisted with preparations for the event. Throughout the day, I co-facilitated discussions with senior staff from the health department. Participants provided feedback about laws, coalition efforts, and research practices. I worked with my host site supervisor to collect artifacts and ensured that the process complied with the guidelines provided by the CDC and NACCHO. The results will also guide the department’s strategic plan.
Drafting the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Promise Zone Application with the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition (RSSC) and the City of Stockton
RSSC worked with staff from the city to apply for the HUD Promise Zone Grant. The application seeks strategies to improve in education, economic, and crime outcomes in a specific area. I worked in the education committee to determine outcomes and indicators for students. I researched previous recipient’s applications and compiled data about schools’ performance in region from the California Department of Education. This included suspension, graduation, and proficiency rates. The data collected and activities provide a baseline for status in the promise zone region. This information will guide the development resident outreach and parent engagement materials.

Attending the Raising of America Documentary Screenings and Disc...

... middle of paper ...

...pervisor and facilitated conversations during the LPHSA about service evaluations with senior management.
Lessons Learned:
I participated in many conversations with employees about the current health status within San Joaquin County and the California Central Valley. Participants in the Health Policy Leadership Program discussed regional health challenges. Concerns about health equity were also discussed after two screenings of Raising of America episodes. During the training by Get Covered America, I learned about geographic areas and populations with low health care enrollment rates compared to other counties in California. Finally at the LPHSA, discussions occurred about how the public health system can contribute to addressing some of these issues. These conversations expanded my knowledge and challenged my opinions about the delivery of health care services.

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