Essay Coordinating Group Performance : An Organization

Essay Coordinating Group Performance : An Organization

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Coordinating Group Performance
Many leaders do not work in a vacuum, but rather with groups and teams to solve complex organizational issues in present day business operations. Understanding how group dynamics play a part in overall effectiveness is essential a leader’s ability to be successful, communicate the vision, and achieve organizational goals. Presented is the analysis of an organized group’s dynamics, communication approach, idea generation, and overall group behavior.
Group Background
The analyzed group was established in order to organize and plan a school’s annual charity event. The event was a “car show”, band performance, and carnival all at one time in the same venue. The name of the event was “The Annual Car Concourse”, where many antique car owner were invited to bring their vehicle to be judged and graded against those in the same field. The prizes included bragging rights, impressive trophy, and cash awards.
At the same time, a group of parents was established to plan, organize, collect donation, and set up the entire event. It was the group’s responsibility to make sure there were a number of car participants, valuable objects for the silent auction, and food donations to accommodate the “formal sit down dinner”. The group was fairly small and included the booster club president and vice president and two selected couples that the booster club believed would carry their weight and bring in great value.
Group Dynamics
The group was comprised of the booster club president and spouse, who had been involved in this event, very successfully, for over five years and had her idea of how this must be implements. Additionally, the booster club vice president and spouse had been involved in the event for over...

... middle of paper ...

...ent teaming meeting which allowed for vocalization of the areas of concern and possible improvement. The positive point of this meeting was that the President of the Booster club was retiring after the current school year and thus providing the opportunity for new and innovative leaders of the future.
To summarize, group dynamics contributes to the overall success of any leader or organizational initiative. In the analyzed group, the ability to communicate and create innovative ideas was limited due to group member availability. Even further, behavior of divergent thinking promoted the individualization of the group and thereby produced a variety of avenues to accomplish the overall goals of the charity event. In the end, group working consists of understand individual views and incorporating them into the inclusive group goals of the project/event

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