Cooperative Learning Is Learning That Occurs When Students Work Essay

Cooperative Learning Is Learning That Occurs When Students Work Essay

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Cooperative learning is learning that occurs when students work in small groups to help each other learn (educational psychology). Throughout my years in the U.S. educational system, I have taken part in cooperative learning system. At times, I have found that it works very well each group member contributes information to the project or the worksheet and we learn off of each other. Other times, I have found that cooperative leaning doesn’t work. I will go in to more detail about why the cooperative learning does and does not work later in this paper. First, I would like to go in to more detail about what cooperative learning is.
Like I stated above cooperative learning is when students are put into groups to help each other learn the material they have been given. These groups usually consist of 2-4 members in each group the groups that only have 2 members in them are called dyads. A two-member group is rare but it does happen More often than not the group will consist of at least 4 members. Research on cooperative learning groups has found that this type of learning can be “an effective strategy for improving achievement”(educational psychology). This research also states that when group rewards are generated in makes the group members sense it is in their best interest to help each other learn and when individuals are held accountable it will make each member contribute to the work that is given to the group especially when there is a reward for the group. Cooperative learning is best used when tasks or assignments are more complex. When tasks or assignments are simple, cooperative learning does not have the same effect as it would when the task is complex. There are many types of approaches for cooperative learning. The first...

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...e and complete a task when not everyone is putting in the same effort to complete the task.
Cooperative learning has its good and bad sides to it but overall I believe for most students this system works in their favor. As long as the work is distributed evenly students can come out learning more than they could have by doing the task themselves. Teachers need to be careful whom they put in each group and should make sure the groups are working well together. If teachers take this cautions in to mind then cooperative learning is a great tool for their classroom.

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