Cooperative Learning: Improving Social Skills in the Classroom Essay

Cooperative Learning: Improving Social Skills in the Classroom Essay

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Chapter II – Review of the Related Literature
Our first social relationship begins with family. The way a child interacts with parents, grandparents, and siblings is his or her first introduction to social behavior. These behaviors, although not instinctive, are learned from observing and relating to others (Johnson, D. & Johnson, R., 1989). Unfortunately, some social behavior in families can produce negative responses. As educators, we first see characteristics of social behaviors in preschool. Most parents send their children to preschool to enhance socialization with children their own age. They do so in the hopes of giving a good foundation for social competence (Jalongo, 2006).
Language development begins in preschool and is a tool used to create positive social behavior. According to Vygotsky, language is critical for cognitive growth. Collaboration is possible through language. Students can model ways of thinking for each other (Ormrod, 2008). The social competence of a child can be determined by his or her verbal responses. Positive responses build positive relationships. Acceptance by peers is an influential judge of social approval throughout life; therefore, social skills need to begin at a young age (Jalongo, 2006). These skills play a significant role in building and maintaining stable friendships, careers and marriages. Reading, writing, and computing are valuable skills but are of little use if the person cannot apply these skills in cooperative setting later in life (Johnson, D. & Johnson, R., 1997). There is now a greater importance regarding social behavior in the classroom environment.
Research shows a link between classroom behavior and academic achievement. One such study was performed by K...

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