Cooperative Learning And Teaching Methods Essay

Cooperative Learning And Teaching Methods Essay

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Cooperative learning and teaching is teaching and learning method which involves collaboration with group members whereas cooperative teaching method is effective in acquire problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills and creativity.
Literature review on cooperative learning was studied with various purposes such as teacher’s belief and intentions on application of cooperative learning, based on student color classification, based on heterogeneous and homogeneous groups, effect on passive learning environment, identification of dysfunctional teams, and advantage of cooperative learning over traditional method. Effect of cooperative learning on student’s academic achievement, enhance social, cooperative skills and thinking styles.
Authors from articles have addressed cooperative learning with different types of research questions on topics such as influence of color classification other than USA, effect on computer based instruction, how the grouping technique can be more beneficial to students, how cooperative learning teaching method is advantage over traditional teaching method, what are different teacher belief and intentions and effect on social and cooperative skills.
After reviewing articles on conceptual framework, different authors have looked at cooperative learning topic in various ways to improve student academic achievement by compare their research on classification of student population by color which is different from USA system. Student academic improvement can be associated if computer based instruction are provided for high and low achievers and identify dysfunctional teams in an early stage which are measured in reliable and efficient manner. Majority of authors have expressed advantage of cooperative lea...

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...ving, development of social and cooperative skills which student may lack when they go out in job and critical thinking skills.
After reviewing literature, similar studies have indicated that cooperative learning has advantage over traditional method while assessing student academic achievement. Cooperative learning has some of limitations such as off task behavior and takes too much time. Cooperative learning can add meaningful learning and enhance students’ higher order thinking skills through group discussions.
Review of literature has uniqueness of some of the authors regarding cooperative learning in terms of improving student’s thinking skill if they are in heterogeneous groups. Improving low achieving students through cooperative learning by adopting computer based instruction. Effectiveness of cooperation learning students has to be active learning process.

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