Essay on Cooperative Learning And Communication Pedagogy

Essay on Cooperative Learning And Communication Pedagogy

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In the article a Case study of Cooperative learning and communication pedagogy: Does working in teams make a difference had some important points. Tasy, and Brady (2010) explained Cooperative learning as one of the most commonly used forms of active pedagogy.
They also stated that cooperative learning is based on the idea that students lean thorough social contexts (Adams and Hamm, 1994). In this case study the research is based on active learning through examining the relationship between student’s involvement in cooperative learning and academic achievement with undergraduates. There were some important background points in cooperative learning. One point that Tasy, and Brady (2010) made was that cooperative learning is a valuable tool for learning. In today’s education cooperative learning is a teaching method where students work in groups. Within these small groups the students help one another learn the academic content. There are many elements that goes into cooperative learning. These elements include are positive interdependence, individual accountability, face to face promotive interactions, appropriate use of collaboration skills, and group processing. In addition, cooperative learning will enhance social and intellectual development. Lastly, cooperative learning encourages students to become more motivated and they take a greater responsibility for their learning and class discussions.
Next is the methods that Tasy and Brady used to conduct their research. There are 24 undergraduate students that re conducting this research. The objective of this course was to introduce the students to social science research methods. The research begun at the start of the semester and the instructor groups the students in four to ...

... middle of paper ...

...he students worked in their cooperative learning groups to compete the task. The final grade was calculated by individual RAT and group RAT. I did find that the method and results supported the theoretical claims of the author. The results support this because Tsay and Brady were exploring the relationship between cooperative learning and academic performance. The research showed that cooperative leaning has increased academic performance with students. The way this study could be improved by having more of an explanation of why some of the measures did not work in a cooperative learning setting and how we could fix those measures. I feel that I have learning that cooperative learning is great tool to have in my classroom. All grade levels can benefit form cooperative leaning. Cooperative learning has be proven that it helps students succeed in academic achievement.

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