The Cooperative And Competitive Learning Structures Essay examples

The Cooperative And Competitive Learning Structures Essay examples

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General Overview of the Cooperative and Competitive Learning Structures
In this research paper I will review the learning structures of cooperative and competitive learning. These are two different methods that are used to motivate students to enhance their learning experience in the classroom. Researchers, psychologist, and educators are among the many that have been trying to figure out which strategy is most appropriate for classroom instruction. Both are widely used in today’s classrooms and each of them have positive and negative consequences for students and their learning. By deciphering through previous and current research, I will determine which method is the best.
There is an abundance of research on the cooperative and competitive learning structures explaining how they affect students’ learning, behaviors, attitudes, relationships, and the classroom environment. I feel that the most important aspect of education is a student’s achievement. I have found numerous amounts of research that have examined these strategies through the concept of the social interdependence theory. Research has shown that there is an effect on the association between achievement and social relationships of students called social interdependence (Johnson, 2013; Roseth, Johnson, D., & Johnson, R., 2008,). Social interdependence can be either positive or negative. Positive interdependence exists when individuals believe their goals are dependent on others reaching their goals, whereas negative interdependence exists when and individual can only reach their goals if others fail (Johnson, 2013, p. 3; Roseth et al., 2008, p. 225). It is through the social interdependence theory that researchers can examine how different learning methods af...

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... form competing agendas, with peer interaction excluded from classrooms and relegated to hallways and lunchrooms” (Roseth et al., 2008, p.239). Behaviors and attitudes of the winning or losing student can be conflicting to all students’ learning and social environment. Competitions can go too far and can bring out the worst in some people.
Also recalling back to my findings from cooperative learning, there were several areas where my research found that cooperative learning was more likely to produce higher levels of achievement (Bratti et al., 2011, p. 287; Roseth et al., 2008, p. 237; Johnson, 2003, p. 6; Desrochers et al., 2007, p. 294), peer relationships (Johnson, 2003, p.6; Roseth et al., p. 236-237), more positive attitudes (Akinbobola, 2009, p.5), and increased motivation (Johnson, 2003, p.8).
Why I Will Mostly Utilize a Cooperative Learning Structure

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