Cooking : An Intrinsic Therapeutic Aspect

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Cooking is a painstaking process, with all its measurements and all its instructions. The separation of some ingredients, the combination of others. Yet, cooking is also an unmindful activity, where you cease to be and you are the splendor of ingredients mixing to create a delightful product. There 's an intrinsic therapeutic aspect to cooking I had not realized until I started helping at Venice Family Clinic. I have come to learn that cooking is a contradictory art. It is both simple and complex. That has changed me, especially when it comes to cooking. I understand cooking can be the tossing of a few chopped ingredients. It can be a diligent task of mixing, sautéing, mixing again, then baking. Most of the time, cooking can be a time consuming undertaking. I have had several talks with different patients about how difficult it sometimes is to find time to cook, especially a healthy meal, for themselves or their families. Indeed, I have found myself in that same spot several times. But ever since I have been interning at Venice I have tried to make more time to cook something healthy, knowing the option of purchasing food is not a great option at all. Because for the price I pay for a fast food meal, I also pay with my health. I remember one occasion at Venice where a parent was telling me that she really liked the fact that the people leading the cooking demonstrations allowed children to help. Her two children had helped me mixed the ingredients for a coconut banana bread and then whisk it. She told me that at home she usually rushed to cook something for them. She also mentioned they had a competitive spirit, whereupon she could not give one thing to one as the other would demand the same. I commented that they worked well toge... ... middle of paper ... ...rlberg, 2013). Children are the most vulnerable to the misconception that food is merely food with no long-term impact on health. Hence why I always tell parents that involving them in the cooking process is a great way to instill healthy habits and get them passionate for cooking. When there are powerful players like the food and beverage industry opposing effective policies regarding food and obesity policies in the United States arguing that "what we decide to eat should be a personal choice" (Paarlberg, 2013) and that the best "response to the obesity crisis is 'consumer education ' rather than new taxes or regulations" (Paarlberg, 2013), countermoves at the individual level must be made. Countermeasures like building defenses via knowledge and cooking to combat these self-interested players. Cooking is a great fighting technique, especially in a delicious way.

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