Essay on Converting Energy Using Water Turbine

Essay on Converting Energy Using Water Turbine

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Water Turbine:
water turbine is used to convert energy from one form to another. When water falls on buckets it helps to rotate the turbine.When water falls it has kinetic energy so kinetic energy is converted into potential energy to run turbine. Turbine is connected with generator.Energy produced by the turbine is mechanical,so generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

There are two types of turbines
Impulse turbine
Reaction turbine

Impulse turbine:
In this type of turbine the velocity of water has been changed.Impulse turbine obey the Newtons second law “to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.We convert potential energy into kinetic energy before striking on the turbine.Impulse turbine is used for high altitudes. Height should be above 300 meter before striking on the turbines blades.

Reaction Turbine:
In this turbine pressure of water changes motion of blades and turbines in forward direction.When water hits blades and rotate the turbine then water loose its power.Due to rotation of turbines power is generated with generator.Forbetter performance turbine should be dipped into water. When water moves through its wings mechanical energy is generated.Reaction turbine is also used for low and medium heads.In low head water falls from 30 meter,while in medium heads it falls from 300 meter.
Types of impulse and reaction turbines discussed below.impulse turbine types are given below.

Impulse turbines type are given below
Turgo turbine
Pelton Turbine
Cross Flow Turbine

Types ...

... middle of paper ...

...e turbine selection depends on different things; one of the most important thing is the pressure of water. The second one is to choose the type of turbine according to the available pressure, which of them (impulse or reaction turbine) to select and which of them to reject that take maximum benefit and better performance.

Some necessary calculations are given below
1 litter=1000ml
V(volume)= 1000ml
d(density)= m(mass)/v(volume)
D(density)=1090 g/1000ml=1.09 g/ml
Power in stream
Thewater in stream have some power. Which can be calculated by this formula.

P is power measured in watts
ῃ isefficency of turbine
p is water density in kg/m^3
g is acceleration due to gravity
h is head in meter
we can calculate power of Stream

p=0.60*1090 kg/m^3*9.81 m/s^2*0.012m^3/s*1.524 m
p=117.3 watt

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