The Conversion Of The Existing Building And Renovate For A New Tavern, Restaurant And Outdoor Entertainment Area

The Conversion Of The Existing Building And Renovate For A New Tavern, Restaurant And Outdoor Entertainment Area

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anterbury Rd Canterbury - the conversion of the existing building and renovate to a new tavern, restaurant and outdoor entertainment area.  The site must be implemented in accordance with approved plans, specifications and any supporting information submitted with Development Application.  These include Architectural, Landscape and Stormwater plans. 
It is important to note that prior to the issue of a Construction Certificate that the proposal needs to have complied with certain conditions, payments of fees need to be made.  

Section 94 Contributions are to be indexed four times a year to allow for the cost increases. 
Protection of the stormwater asset during work on-site will be responsibility of the applicant. A Security Bond will be required. A post-construction Dilapidation Report of the stormwater asset will be required by council to ensure the stormwater asset was not affected as a result of any site works. The Security Bond may be released twelve months directly after the final inspections and upon Council’s satisfaction of the submitted Dilapidation Report. Council will require a Pre- Development Report of the stormwater asset. 

A Soil and Water Management Control Plan must be submitted to Council. The plan will need to detail what steps will be taken to control any soil erosion and sedimentation runoff after excavation and construction have taken place. This will incorporate contour levels and adhere to the Environmental Site Management Policy. 

Prior to the issue of any construction certificate, any demolition or earthworks on the site, the applicant shall submit to Council a construction management plan detailing the following. The route of all trucks conveying materials to and from the site. Location of lo...

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...rrent inspect the site yourself. Plans may occasionally be inaccurate due to the Developer not informing Dial Before You Dig of new assets or changes made to existing ones. Adhere to the clearance limits surrounding No Go Zones for dangerous assets like high pressure gas pipes and high-voltage electricity cables. Make sure that workers and the public are always safe. Immediately report any damage to underground assets to the Developer

In the conclusion of this proposal, the consent is subject to the conditions specified in this notice and these conditions have been imposed for the following reasons. Ensuring proper management and development of natural and manmade resources so as to promote the social and economic welfare of the community. Orderly and economic use and development of land. Min
imising and adverse impact of developments and protect the environment. 

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