The Convergence of Personal Computers and Consumer Electronics Essay

The Convergence of Personal Computers and Consumer Electronics Essay

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Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) are introducing product technology “convergence” between personal computers and consumer electronics industries (2004). In the past, there has only been enthusiasm, talks, and prototypes (2004). Today we have functioning product on the market that makes it a reality (2004). The giants in manufacturing computers, Dell, Gateway, and Hewlett Packard, made the brilliant transition into TV sells (2004). The most noticeable products are computer monitors and flat screen TVs (2004). Will this technology lead to failure?
During the past ten years, computers have been increasing in there popularity across the board (2004). Over the years, the personal computer has become affordable for the general public. The popularity of the computer is not limited to one area of our lives. With innovation in technology, they can be found in our government, businesses, education, and most homes (2004). Billions of dollars have been invested to provide computers for personal use and for our various institutions (2004). The computer has not only been a luxury, it has quickly become a necessity. The rapid growth of the Internet has also contributed to the escalation of computer popularity.
Merging personal computers with consumer electronics, there are concerns with this marriage.
Statement of the Problem
Manufacturers actually design products to be in use for a limited length of time (2011). Manufacturers developed this idea for the sole purpose of causing upgrades to the new purchases (2011). This concept may cause consumers to become fearful of these types of products and avoid them all together (2011). Consumers are concerned that their new TVs will be obsolete before the end of the year (2011).
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... innovative technology, yes, the convergence of personal computers and consumer electronics, this technology is here to stay and blaze into the future. With customer demands, manufacturers’ research, improvements, and time, this technology gets an A.

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