Conventional Energy And Alternative Energy Essay

Conventional Energy And Alternative Energy Essay

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The energy industry provides many different resource options for consumers to choose. Two main markets within this industry exist: conventional energy and alternative energy. Conventional forms of energy never suffer from low demand because of consumer’s familiarity with these resources. Alternative energy, on the other hand, is still a growing market. The United States government shows great interest in adapting to a lifestyle that uses these forms of energies by passing acts, creating energy policies, and subsidization to support the alternative energy market. But the conventional energy market still remains prevalent in the country. A government model of utilizing alternative resources needs to occur for the energy market to thrive amongst America’s citizens. The United States government should implement solar power.
The United States government should use solar energy because solar power decreases the use of fossil fuels. Less fossil fuels produces a positive effect in the environment because air pollutants also decrease. Oil, coal, and other types of conventional energy allow harmful toxins such as carbon dioxide to enter the atmosphere. One researcher notes that fossil fuels and oil create pollutant “ingredients in smog and acid rain” (Weeks 463). Solar energy avoids production of undesirable gases in the environment. Carole Nakhle, an energy economist, notes how renewable energy sources like solar power become attractive in the energy market because they make “no addition to greenhouse gases” (“Alternative Energy”). Moore also comments that the unwanted environmental changes in climate decreases because of solar energy’s “environmentally friendly” nature (1068). Solar power also avoids using fossil fuels because it is a re...

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...ce as a nation because the U.S. would be following its own energy policy.
The U.S. government should utilize solar power. If the solar power market, which is within the greater alternative energy industry, became the number one energy resource for the American government, the solar market would grow because of the government support and citizens would follow by example to utilize this alternative energy. America needs to start looking for other options in its resources because fossil fuels, oil, and natural gas decrease in their supply every day. President Obama agrees that “America cannot afford to bet [her] long-term prosperity . . . long-term security on a resource that will eventually run out and even before it runs out will get more and more expensive” (Weeks 460). Utilizing solar power saves the United States from the downfall of conventional energy resources.

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