The Convenient Truth From Abraham Lincoln Essay

The Convenient Truth From Abraham Lincoln Essay

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The Convenient Truth
From Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama, all politicians have the same mindset. They all want to convince the public of their ideas and beliefs. These people are so good at what they do, they may convince citizens of beliefs they never thought they ever would. Most people will never understand how Germans could agree with what their own country was doing during World War 2, however, they never had the personal influence of Adolf Hitler. Not many people want to have King Jong-un as their leader, but the people in North Korea love him. Whether it is good or bad they do their best and Al Gore is no different from the other politicians in the world. His goal was to convince the world of the impossible. Since the beginning of time, humans have been changing the world and unfortunately for the worse. Population has had a major increase in the last few years along with temperature, pollution, waste production, and much more. In 2006, director Davis Guggenheim released An Inconvenient Truth starring Al Gore as the spokesperson. By using his power of influence, Gore planned on proving that Global Warming is a major problem and convincing the world population that it needs to be stopped. Throughout this documentary, Al Gore uses emotional and logical appeals along with a comical yet matter-of-fact tone to prove that Global Warming is a main issue that needs to be stopped.
This film was produced with mainly two narratives. First, Gore starts off An Inconvenient Truth with the belief that saving the world is “a moral issue and is unethical to stand by and watch”. Gore started this research back in college because of his professor, Roger Revelle. When Gore started college in the mid 1960s, he learned of a new topic, Globa...

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...s. He uses the logic to easily prove that Global Warming is a major issue. Next, Gore uses emotional appeals to impact the mindset of the people. By using personal stories and the horrible images and videos, Gore makes people think about their life and their children’s life. He causes them to rethink the global issues and how they can make the world better. Lastly, his tone has a big impact. The humorous tone allows the audience to relax, take a deep breath, and release some of the tension. The other tone, matter-of-fact, also produces a lasting impact. It allows the people to see everything for how it truly is. By being the good politician he is, Al Gore uses the visual, textual, and audio strategy to convince his listeners that Global Warming is a major issue and all should be ready to answer his final question with a yes: “Are you ready to change the way you live?”

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