The Controversy Surrounding The Creation Of Gmo Plants And Animals Essay

The Controversy Surrounding The Creation Of Gmo Plants And Animals Essay

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GMOs are organisms that have had their genetic make-up changed by mutating, inserting, or deleting genes found in the organisms DNA. This is done through genetic engineering techniques or biotechnology. While we, as a species, have been technically genetically modifying creatures since we first domesticated them actual genetic engineering did not begin until quite recently. In 1973 the process of genetic engineering was developed the direct transfering DNA from one organism to another (Goldbas, 2014). Since then there has been an underlying fear about in our society of organisms being altered and the effects it could have on our food and our lives. The purpose of this of this scientific review is to briefly explain the controversy surrounding the creation of GMO plants and Animals as well as the varying levels of acceptance worldwide.
GMO Animals
The controversy surrounding GMO animals is the fear that the genes in them will make their way back into the natural population of the species and have irreversible effects of the natural form of the organism. Escaped transgenic organisms may threaten the populations of their wild relatives if able to crossbreed with each other. With a simulation model, Valosaari et al (2008) studied whether the increase in and mating success of sneakers, fish that sneak their genetic material into the gene pool, in transgenic and hybrid genotypes could facilitate the introgression of a transgene into wild population if the GMO version of the fish was released into the natural population. Of the six versions of the study that was run invasion of the growth enhanced transgenic salmon led to population decline in three of the six study cases. Thus the study concluded that while the Atla...

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...ant, the articles make it feel as if it should be a focus and it should not. The victories that GM technology has won in other countries are just as important as Europe 's paranoia in regards to GMOs in their food.
After to reviewing the numerous studies done it can be concluded that GMOs as whole are safe to use as long those involved are vigilant on keeping the GMO version of the organism out of the natural population, especially in the case of animals. All of these studies show that GMOs have limitless possibilities in what they can do, it 's just up to us to find which genes work and which do not. In future research of GMOs researches need to test more ways we can use this genetic altering technology in the hopes of someday combating the worlds problems of hunger,disease, etc. That is the hope GMOs seem to provide, a future where anything is possible.

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