Controversy Surfaces Towards Modern-day Sitcoms Essay

Controversy Surfaces Towards Modern-day Sitcoms Essay

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What goes through your mind when you watch a little kid viciously beat up the family dog? Did you get a disturbing image? Well, in an episode of Family Guy Stewie brutally beats Bryan, the family dog, because the dog didn’t pay him back. This is a very outrageous thing for a baby to do, and more so very inappropriate. Well, with today’s society being more exposed and tolerant to certain contents about many diverse topics, the significant matter used as entertainment in many comedies is becoming more controversial day by day. Popular T.V shows such as Family Guy, The Simpsons, and South Park are regularly showing that jokes concentrating on risqué topics such as abortion, religion, drug abuse, racism and even the topic of incapacities are more entertaining. Thus, despite the fact some watchers view these shows in fright, many of them are becoming comfortable and accepting them socially. Comedy isn’t what it used to be in the past; in fact, today comedy is a way to ridicule the society, and the people living in it. Therefore, posing the question, are modern-day comedy sitcoms too controversial?
This show is often criticized as being too controversial and going too far with jokes. It is an American animated sitcom, Family Guy, which has been the target of numerous complaints concerning taste and indecency over the past several years. Parents Television Council (PTC) has expressed moral opposition to the series, and filed complaints with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Family Guy has also been criticized by other animated sitcoms such as, South Park and The Simpsons. Even though, this show has been cancelled twice, it still managed to make its way back on Fox. This show is about a so-called normal family, and their ever...

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...he racy subjects that are discussed such as religion, race, abortion, and many more are too provocative. These subjects can easily offend a person. Either sitcom needs to change their outlook or many people are going to be offended.

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