Controversy over Genetically Modified Food Essay example

Controversy over Genetically Modified Food Essay example

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Over the past decade, there has been much debate on the topic of genetically modified foods. It has been questioned whether or not these products benefit society more than they hurt it. There has not been enough time to study the long term affects of this type of food, but recent findings have shown that the field offers great potential. There are many people who wish to see genetically modified foods banned because they are uncomfortable with the idea, but this type of thinking is completely illogical. Our society should be more accepting towards genetically modified foods because they are a great way to feed our growing population, extra nutrients can be added to the foods, and they offer us a wider, cheaper variety of food.
To better understand the controversy of genetically engineered food, it is important to understand what they are exactly. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory defines genetic modification as “a special set of technologies that alter the genetic makeup of organisms such as animals, plants, or bacteria” (Oak Ridge National Laboratory). Naturally, when these organisms reproduce, their genes are mixed and the offspring receives a random set of the parent genes. When scientists create genetically modified foods, they are taking this process that occurs in nature and removing the randomness. They select the desired gene, give it to the organism, and then mass produce it. This is simply a way for scientists to be sure that the organisms will grow to meet our needs and expectations, without leaving anything to chance.
When people voice their opinions against genetically modified foods, they do not often recognize how much the world depends on them. Today, there are more than one billion people who do not have enoug...

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... greed, not genetic engineering. People should be properly educated about these altered foods before any measures are taken. Uniformed people making drastic decisions can be dangerous.
Genetically modified foods have an enormous amount of untapped potential. Today, many people are still not at ease with the concept, but hopefully we will see more acceptance in the near future. The idea is relatively new, and there is much to be known about the method. It already has shown great promise and further research could lead to greater achievements. Genetically engineered foods have both economic and humanitarian benefits and they may even become a necessity to satisfy our growing population.

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