Controversy over Entertainment Contracts for Young Artisits Essay example

Controversy over Entertainment Contracts for Young Artisits Essay example

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Entertainment contracts require young, aspiring entertainers to often spend multiple sleepless nights training to become what seems to be the impossible: A global pop icon. In the entertainment industry, it is very common for an artist or entertainer to be under a contract with a company. Being under a contract means a set amount of time the artist has to stay under the company. As long as the contract is in play, the artist has to comply with whatever their companies say. The company is in charge of housing, advertising, training, and making the schedule for their artists. Before becoming famous and living a glamorous life, one would have to audition. With almost 20,000 auditioners averaging around the tender age of 16, the companies have to be very selective and strict with what types of people they are looking for. If one were to pass all three rounds, they are required to sign a contract to officially become a trainee. Trainees are expected to train during and after hours. On top of that, trainees who are still in school have to balance school with their training. “Kids are always under supervision, constantly reporting what they have done, how much they have practiced and how many pounds they have lost” (Lee 1). This often leads to stress and lower the strong desire of becoming an idol. Entertainment companies should not be allowed to have extensively long contracts because the entertainers lose interest after an amount of time, the companies mistreat their entertainers, the companies take advantage of the artist by not splitting the money earned evenly, and some of the contracts are truly way too long and unjust.
The average debuting age for an idol was 21. Recently with more competitive rookie groups debuting, it seems li...

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... contracts that are over a decade is over the top. They should also split the earnings of the artist in a wiser manner. If they are not giving the entertainers a decent amount for the work they put in, they should think of another way to raise their revenue, possibly different advertising antics. Having contracts is understandable, but limiting what one does should not be included. It should be up to the artist and the CEO if a problem were to ever come up. Most of the artist won’t even have time to balance a love life due to their high demand of a career. Having extensively long contract is not necessary. Most people going into the kpop industry understand that 100% of their focus is required to even be noticed in the competitive area of entertainment. Many come in having the dream of being the biggest stars without knowing what the price they end up having to pay.

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