The Controversy Of War : The Testament Of Youth By Vera Brittain Essay

The Controversy Of War : The Testament Of Youth By Vera Brittain Essay

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English IV
The Controversy of War
Before World War II was about to break out, a novel named The Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain, vividly explained a young woman’s experiences and thoughts about World War I, was published. Brittain wrote her autobiography to protest the continuation of future wars and to prevent deaths of innocent human beings, such as the deaths of her brother, her fiance, and her dear friend. Because Brittain lost the men closest and dearest to her, Brittain has a bias towards war and prefers no war at all. Also, Brittain is a pacifist, thus adding to her bias against war and her opinions on how to settle disputes nonviolently. After all of the losses that Brittain had to live through, Brittain allowed her personal beliefs and judgements to intrude on the facts in her writing on war by using descriptive and persuasive language.
As Brittain writes this novel, she involves a feministic nature in the beginning by wanting to attend Oxford and not caring whether she would find a husband or not. Brittain’s brother did in fact convince their father to allow her to go to Oxford College after much persuading. While in her first year at Oxford, World War I was declared and Brittain’s brother and significant other enlisted into the army. Brittain became so lonely and worried about them that she left and became a voluntary aid detachment (VAD). Throughout her adventures as a VAD, Brittain was always worried about her loved ones and felt closer to them the closer she got to the front lines. Brittain first lost her fiance, then her dear friend (who was not even supposed to be in the war), and then her brother. Of course the losses of any loved one would be devastating, but losing three would be nearly impossible to conti...

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...yet a lot of threats have been assessed and less terrorist plots have been carried out. Our military is very impressive and is always adding new recruits, such as many of my friends. It is a flabbergasting thought that some of my friends may not come back from their tours, but then I remember that they are the ones who signed up and would rather see U.S. citizens safe and free than being murdered. I would prefer sending willing men and women to serve and risk their lives for the freedom of our country, than to fight wars on U.S. soil and have more terrorist attacks occur, increasing the death count of innocent lives. Pacifists have a wonderful ideology that I suggest everyone to at least try to practice, but armies and wars are still necessary in order to save innocent human beings from pain and suffering that would be caused by horrifyingly, blood-thirsty murderers.

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