Controversy of The War of 1812 Essay

Controversy of The War of 1812 Essay

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The War of 1812, also known as “Mr. Madison’s War”, was caused by three main disputes between the British and the Americans: several trade acts oppressing America’s trade with both France and Britain, the recruiting of unwilling American men into the Royal Navy, and the British support of Native Americans resisting expansion. Although the unfair actions of the British brought forth much animosity from many Americans, there were still a good number of people opposing the war. There were many arguments between several political parties, and disagreements about the war continued on through the duration of it.
According to A People & A Nation, the Americans were, yet again, ill-equipped for battle. War campaigns were carried out disappointingly and militias lacked the proper amount of soldiers, most poorly trained. The government resorted in offering bonus pays and promises of land after service for more men to enlist. Almost predictably, number of enlistees fell and payments were almost twelve months behind. Also, the Americans had a very limited supply of ships.
America’s hopes ...

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