The Controversy of the Military Coup in Egypt Essay

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The military coup in Egypt was very controversial. I believe that the ousting of Morsi was completely wrong and should never have happened. After the overthrow of Dictator Hosni Mubarak, Mohamed Morsi was democratically voted president of Egypt. Morsi was only president for a year. During his short spell the military illegally took control of Egypt and placed president Morsi under house arrest. This sparked controversy across the globe.
One of my main reasons why I am against the coup is that president Morsi was placed under arrest for killing his own people which is something I find hard to believe. Why would Morsi kill his own people after the Mubarak dictatorship? After all Morsi was elected by the people of Egypt and he is the people’s president it doesn’t make any sense, I believe the accusations against Morsi were made up by military. Secondly Morsi never killed any Egyptian citizens, were as the military have. The Military branded citizens ‘Terrorists’ when they were no more than ordinary people exercising their right to protest. The Military then went ahead and turned a peaceful protest into chaos causing many lives to be lost. In addition, I believe that the military falsified support. When the Military justified their seizure of the government the number who were said to be against Morsi were highly exaggerated. I also believe the people who did protest against Morsi where under the strong influence of the deep state and had false impressions about president Morsi. The deep state are powerful people who were part of the Mubarak dictatorship who remained in strong positions. These people have a continued influence in the army, police, civil-service and the media. The presidency of Mohamed Morsi was against their interests...

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...e killing of his own people which is very hard to believe, it seems as though these allegations were simply made as a cover up for the military to take over. The military falsified the amount of support they had against Morsi. President Morsi’s image was falsely displayed by the deep state. The military coup in Egypt was illegal, President Obama knew that it was illegal in his speech following the takeover he was very careful not to use the word ‘coup’. The Military coup should be defeated and democracy should return if not the future for Egypt does not look bright. President Morsi was a good president who was doing what was right for Egypt; when there is someone in power trying to do what is right he never really does last for long.

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