The Controversy Of The Anti Smoking Campaign Essay

The Controversy Of The Anti Smoking Campaign Essay

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Imagine what it would be like if you could see all that you do not get to experience with family and friends after you die or imagine how you would live your life differently if you knew the time and day you were going to die. It is a 100% guarantee that we all die, nobody knows the time, the day, the hour, or exactly how that experience will be. If we know that statistically there is no way to avoid this experience why then do we do things to our body to speed up the process and possibly make it more painful? The commercial from the Minnesota Anti-Smoking campaign is designed to make you think about and question what you are not only doing to our own body but how your are affecting others around you by choosing to smoke and the ads plea is that you quit.
The commercial effectively reaches and influences a wide audience. You can see that the primary audience is the smoker, at a later age. The effects of smoking are visible decades later; this is proven by the result of heart disease, stroke, cancer, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis, even death. The other audiences that are appealed to are families, mothers, and children. Even though there is nothing spoken about smoking as a mother you see the effect that smoking has on the future. Your children will miss out on experiencing grandparents. This gives a feeling of los. In a very subtle way even a younger audience is affected because if you were thinking about starting to smoke you may think twice after seeing the ghostly image of the grandfather, especially if you still have grandparents and relationships with them. The creator definitely wants the smoker to realize that you may be fine right now; smoking in your younger age, but the future is what you need to think about...

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...e you into listening to what the ad has to say are extremely effective in getting your attention. The ad tries to convince you that not only is your health being affected in the future but look at what you choose to give up in your future, the opportunity to spend time with your children and grandchildren. You are forced to think about the future of yourself and the future of your health and lifestyle if you smoke. The bold statement “Be There Tomorrow”, “Stop Smoking Today” is in your face and assumes that all smokers will die form a disease related to the habit. The very last slide you see gives the viewer some hope: call 1-800-270-STOP for a solution, the STOP instead of the numbers is a way to impact you one last time. The commercial hopes to impact the smoker to make the decision to change not only for themselves but for all the other people in their lives.

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