The Controversy Of Sterilization Of The Disabled Essays

The Controversy Of Sterilization Of The Disabled Essays

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The Controversy of the Sterilization of the Intellectually Disabled
Contraceptives have been practiced in the United states since the late 1800s giving men and women their own choice of determining if or when they would conceive and create a family. This right to reproduce is one of the many free rights given to the citizens of the United States. Unfortunately, not all people that live in the United States have this opportunity. The intellectually disabled community was once sterilized without consent to control the chances that they would have offspring. The idea that the intellectually disabled would negatively affect the United States’ population, through eugenics had caused many to believe that the sterilization of the disabled is essential.
Eugenics was first proposed by a scientist by the name of Sir Waltor Galton. He believed that people that had desirable characteristics would be benefiting to society once they had offspring, with same characteristics. This created a problem for the mentally disabled, since he thought of the disable as “the root cause of the social decline in the first two decades of the twentieth century”, according to the Journal of Intellectual Disability Research (75). He assumed that they were a burden on family members and of little use to society, creating the idea that there was a need of controlling the intellectually disabled from having offspring. The eugenic scientist had sought legal action in the need for sterilization to any human that showed or developed any negative traits that they saw was unfit. These traits included intellectually disability or epilepsy. After the passing of laws that stripped the intellectually disable people of their rights, the sterilization of the intellectually...

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... them.
When living in United States, one can think of the freedom that comes with being a citizen. One of those freedoms is the right to conceive children or prevent child birth if desired. This right is one of the many right that the intellectually disabled citizens have had taken from them because of how they are viewed. People believe they are too flawed to be of any benefits to the United States. Others, have thought of them as violent, abusive and burdens on society. These stereotypical views have caused many to try and control the intellectual disabled’s lives. Though, they are disabled, they deserve the choice of parenthood as well as those not disabled. When looking at the unconsented sterilization cases its determined that the medical field needs to have better resources and other ways of educating the intellectually disabled to control unnecessary births.

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