The Controversy Of Stem Cell Research Essay

The Controversy Of Stem Cell Research Essay

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Stem Cell Research has changed the way we see biology, especially disease. The stem cell controversy is the consideration of the ethics of research involving the development, usage, and destruction of human embryos. Where the controversy is, though, is on embryonic stem cells. Since the 19th century, scientists have been studying stem cells, from plants to animals, for a cure to various diseases within them. The term “stem cell” was first introduced by German scientist, Ernst Haeckel to define the fertilized egg that will become an organism. Fast forwarding to 1989, research from scientists Mario Capecchi, Martin Evans, and Oliver Smithies comes together, creating the first “knockout mice,” which are mice specially bred in the laboratory to be missing specific genes. These mice are created using embryonic stem cells and homologous recombination, a process in which similar strands of DNA switch genes. Since the first knockout mice, there have been more than 500 different mouse models of human disease. (Boston’s Children’s Hospital, 2015) Stem cells hold great promise and potential in the field of medicine, whether doctors inject them into patients to replace diseased bone marrow, or lab scientists scrutinize them under a microscope to see how lung cancer develops. There are many positive aspects of this developing topic; yet there are negative as well but the good outweighs the bad. Stem Cell Research has many benefits but three major ones are involving human development, cell-based therapies, and has the potential to reverse disease. (Murnaghan, 2015)
Stem Cells have enormous potential in health and medical research but to fully harness this potential, scientists are studying how stem cells transform, or differentiate, into the di...

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...ble by blood stem cell transplant. More than 26,000 patients are treated with blood stem cells in Europe each year.
Stem cell research is a focus for hope, activity, discussion and sometimes controversy throughout the world. The promise this research offers to healthcare is great: repair of tissues and organs with one’s own cells, without the need to find a matched donor and endure lifelong anti-rejection therapy. Cell-based therapies open up the prospect of not just treatments but cures for currently untreatable diseases. In addition, embryonic stem cell research may lead to rapid, reliable methods of screening new drugs for toxicity and efficacy without having to do these tests in human beings. Stem Cell Research has many benefits but three major ones are involving human development, cell-based therapies, and has the potential to reverse disease. (Murnaghan, 2015)

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